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Poem From Carlos ‘Poet’ Segovia

“Great and Remembered”

12 months in a year broken down into 365 days, that’s 52.14 weeks,

but what exactly happens between those years, weeks and days?

That’s 1.2 million a year, that’s 49,000 a week, that’s 7,000 a day, and that’s 1 every 26 seconds that someone has left school.

Every 26 seconds a life is changed, a path is rearranged into one that some can’t even imagine.

But before you start judging what we go through, listen to what I have to say to you and no – I’m not here to preach to you or try to learn you about what we go through

I’m just another life perspective.

See most of you live in a generation where teen impregnation was rare and girls wouldn’t walk around half dressed, straight bare. See most of you live in a generation where modesty and honesty were true –

But see most of us – we live in a world where it’s easier to be cool rather than stay in school.

Asking questions like when am I ever going to use this in life?

Why do I need this in my life?

I’m guilty.

See I’m a junior in high school where it’s easier to get your hands on a bottle of liquor and drink with your homies than it is to have the courage to sit and just say no.

And now you might say that we’re too young to be doing what we’re doing –

acting like the adults that we might not even make it to be.

That’s true.

See by the time I was twelve I had already shot my first gun, smoked my first blunt, and drank til I passed out.

Not because of how I was raised,

But because I chose the wrong path, and had to face the wrath of sensation,  thinking I had it all, like I’m Young Wild and Free.

And to still be alive is the blessing.

And to still be in school is the dressing.

But let’s go deeper, deeper into what got me here.

As an Salvadorian immigrant myself, brought to the US by my mother at age six,

I understand first hand the meaning of discrimination before I was even taught the definition.

And it wasn’t until I was twelve that I met the man whom I call my biological father but I shouldn’t have even bothered to see him

Because all he did was leave again.

Going to school as the outsider kid with a black band on my arm – saying I was from another country,

Meeting people in middle school where I joined my first crew beefing it with the older fools, not even understanding why –

But my big homies told me, that’s just the way it is.

But what if I hadn’t gotten out of that gang mentality, that mental instability?

What if I had never met Mr. Meaty who saw an artist within me, who pushed me to paint murals instead of scribble my nickname on a wall so I could somehow be known?

Would I still be alive?

Would I be rotting in the ground without my potential and dreams still within me?

Being another “what of could have been” story?

So I say to you that I understand you, the frustration that school inflicts upon you – is something that is real.

And it puts you in a situation where you feel hopeless, with homework stacked up higher than you, but it’s definitely true that no matter what you go through, you always have to aspire to be the best.

You’re not the better me, him, or her –


So no matter how old you are

I say stay in school, or go back to school, cause it’s never too late to be great and remembered.

As those who are great and remembered, never actually die.